Convert Your Prescription Glasses to Prescription Sunglasses



Convert Your Prescription Glasses into Polarized Sunglasses with
Status “POLARVUE” Clip On Glasses
















  • Fashion Plastic Lens Unisex Clip On Prescription Glasses  .
  • Convenient, cool and practical of this “Polarvue” Clip On Sunglasses make a profound impression for you!
  • Great for those who already have a pair of prescription glasses and do not want to spend more for a pair of sunglasses!
  • Fashion Plastic Lens suitable for outdoor sports, such as skiing, driving, fishing, shopping and so on.
  • Easy to operate – just clip on your glasses and flip up, they are work instantly for anyone.
  • By using this Unisex “Polarvue” Clip On Sunglasses make you see better in the sun, rain, and smog weather.
  • Clip legs have soft rubber coating to protect ophthalmic lenses and prevent shifting and scratching.
  • Constructed with plastic lens and clips, “Polarvue” Clip On Sunglasses with a detailed design on top of the metal cross bar/bridge.
  • Absorbing harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as reduces glare.

If you wear glasses 24-7, you may feel a little left out in the sunglasses scene. Of course there are options of buying a second pair of glasses that have a darker lens or the more expensive glasses that tint when in contact with light, but you can choose a more affordable way of doing the same thing. With the POLARVUE clip on sunglasses you will be able to simply place on the shaded lens over your regular glasses and keep going. It is quick and highly effective. You won’t have to worry about keeping track of two pairs of glasses and you can always have them on hand. Easily place them on when you need them and slip them off when you no longer have a need for the shades. Also, they are not noticeable, so they actually look like legitimate sunglasses.
This is unique product with a strong vision. POLARVUE Clips instantly convert ordinary prescription eyeglasses into highly effective sunglasses, which reduce glare and provide protection from UVA and UVB rays. They can be cut to the size and shape of the customer’s eyeglass frames by expert opticians. A trained operator can craft a pair of Polarized Clips.

A product for everyone:

As our lifestyles is not slowing down. We are concerned about our health and we want to keep ourselves active more than we were ever before. However as the population ages, more and more people will find themselves needing prescription eyeglasses. Old fashioned, over-sized clip-on sunglasses do not fit the fashion conscious and active lifestyle of many people. But

POLARVUE  Clips are the perfect combination of function and style to meet the demands of an active person. People need eye protection in all seasons, for all kinds of activities: walking, driving, boating, skiing, outdoor past times, sporting events of all kinds…the list goes on and on. Even on a cloudy day or in the dead of winter, light reflects off water, snow, roads and glass surfaces causing glare—and the need for sunglasses.

High value to the customer:

POLARVUE  Clips look great because they fit your glasses—and they are great for their eyes because they’re polarized to reduce glare while providing UVA and UVB protection. POLARVUE lenses are lightweight and very easy to use. POLARVUE  Clips

are priced at a fraction of the cost of prescription sunglasses providing an excellent value to the customer. The POLARVUE clip on grey shade is very popular with the crowds who wear glasses on a daily basis and it offers a unique and affordable way of having prescription sunglasses.

Buying a Pair of POLARVUE polarized Clip On Sun glasses as a Gift

Do you know someone who wears glasses that you would like to buy shades for? You may think that it is required by you to purchase a prescription pair of sunglasses for the person to wear them, which may seem a little expensive. There is an easier and cheaper way of accomplishing this with the POLARVUE  clip on sun glasses. You will be able to keep the gift as a surprise, especially since you won’t have to ask about the prescription needs of their glasses. The clip on shades work by being placed over the original glasses, so none of the optics of the glasses are taken away, they are just shaded.

Anyone who has worn glasses their entire life knows what it is like to shop around for affordable shades. If the person you know doesn’t own a pair of shades or is always losing them, this would be a great gift. The clip ons can be placed in the glasses case for easy access during sunny days. You can buy an extra pair to keep in the car where they tend to be needed the most.

Getting POLARVUE  Clip On Sunglasses for Better Quality.

Why POLARVUE Polarized Clip On Sunglasses ?

When buying clip on shades, whether for yourself or as a gift, you may want to consider purchasing polarized clip on sunglasses. The polarized clip on shades prevent visibility of distracting glares from reflective surfaces, like water. This is a great way to convert your regular glasses to sunglasses without relinquishing its quality. You may even find that the shades are great for use during any situations that have highly reflective surfaces.

Bright sunlight and reflected light might be cause of headache

Migraineurs are often somewhat photophobic (sensitive to light) even when we don’t have a Migraine.

When we do have a headache or Migraine, “STATUS” POLARVUE CLIP-ON sunglasses are often helpful even under normal, indoor lighting conditions.


POLARVUE  Clip On Sunglasses can also be used indoors by light-sensitive people such as post-cataract surgery patients or by those exposed to bright light through windows.


Sunlight irritates DURING conjunctivitis, SO ANY ONE CAN Use POLARVUE CLIP ON sunglasses to avoid discomfort from bright light and to alarm people around.


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