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India is a country situated in the tropical region and multitudes of people experience intense heat and the blistering solar rays which burn the skin. These dazzling sun rays can cause more harm to the eyes than ever expected. There is hardly any doubt that the prices of sunglasses are reasonable in India and do not burn a hole in a persona’s pocket, yet there is a growing tendency amongst people to save money by compromising for cheaper brands of sunglasses.

It would be prudent to select a decent brand of sunglasses which would not only offer total protection to the eyes but would also help in creating a style factor. While there are a majority of people who are price conscious over purchase of sunglasses, there are a few who do not bother about the price factor and are ready to pay any amount for a foreign pair of sunglasses. With a large number of manufacturers in India, who are engaged in the production of quality sunglasses, the customers have a broad spectrum of the sunglasses to select them that suit their requirements.

Branded Sunglasses

Ray ban and Fastrack are two exclusive brands of sunglasses that could easily be considered as one of the significant trend setters in the world of fashion and have a repertoire of a vast array of sunglasses that are designed to make a person appear debonair and suave. One of the pioneers of sunglasses, Ray ban has an enormous collection of sunglasses that cater to the demands of every person. These sunglasses range from the broad to the lustrous and shimmering types of sunglasses to the elitist class of society. There is a widespread belief amongst manufacturers that the vast arrays of sunglasses that are exhibited present a wider choice of selectionfor the consumer.

It is the quality of the lenses which is significant while selecting sunglasses since a superior quality of lens would provide adequate protection to the eyes from the damaging ultraviolet rays and the prevalent pollution. The Ray ban sunglasses price is competitive and is available for Rs. 4500/- which is the lowest price and goes up as per the models of the sunglasses.

Alternatively, Fastrack is one of the other well known brands of sunglasses that have allured the younger generation in the country. While Ray ban is a distinguished brand of sunglasses in India, they are steeply priced as compared to the Fastrack range of sunglasses.

Fastrack caters to the requirement of the masses since Fastrack sunglasses price is pegged atan affordable range between Rs. 695 to Rs. 2000 for a pair of sunglasses. Fastrack is currently considered to be topping the sales charts with the finest range of sunglasses. They are a reputed company for bringing in the state of the art lens technology in their sunglasses coupled with their affordable range of prices.

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